I.o. Inc.

Welcome to the NEW I.O. Incorporated. First of all, we want to thank our loyal customers for your support over the last 15 years. I.O. has been in business for over 15 years and we have imported many collectable firearms, parts, ammunition and accessories. Due to the facts that surplus goods are drying up, and overseas factories are manufacturing inferior products, we decided to manufacture our fine firearms here in the US.

Back in 2008 we took a look at what was out there on the AK-47 platform. There were the poor quality Romanian WASAR 10 rifles, the expensive Arsenal guns, and several home build rifles on the market. We took initiative and started producing our own American-made AKs right here in Florida , and since then we have made many improvements, both in their design and in the manufacturing process to bring you an AK with the highest level of quality and dependability. Our rifles go through a vigorous inspection process after assembly. Every rifle we make is test fired with 3 rounds and then checked for blemishes or imperfections by 3 different people (two gunsmiths and one manager: that’s 3 sets of eyes). After that our rifles are sent directly to our shipping department and go out to our distributors and later to our customers.

We bought tooling, machines and equipment to manufacture high quality firearms near Charlotte, NC. and transported them to our new state-of-art facility in Palm Bay, FL. USA. To serve the end user better, we are distributing our products through all major distributors. These are names you know, like Ellett Brothers, RSR, Valor, Lew Horton, Sports South, Bill Hicks, Hicks AL, Davidsons, Ron Shirk, etc. That means that our customers have better access to our goods through this vast distribution and dealer network.

Purchasing an I.O. rifle assures that you are buying US quality made with US labor. Our staff are like neighbors, friends, and family, and are committed to only manufacturing firearms that they would recommend to their own friends and families. Almost every member of our manufacturing crew is a veteran or National Guard member. Every I.O. firearm is manufactured BY HAND and test fired before it is shipped. On top of this, we back all of our AKs with a limited lifetime warranty: as long as you’re maintaining your firearm properly and using quality ammunition we’ll take care of the rest.

We stand behind our firearms, and if anyone has questions or concerns please feel free to drop us a line by visiting our contact page any time and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have about any of our products.

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